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[19 Jul 2002|01:52pm]
yeah i miss all of you .. alot of shiot went down at my house and now we dont have a computer.. so i dont know how my friends are.. i am just really confused and dont know how alll this happened.. yeah i am at the library and that is not right that i have to go a mile just to get on the computer .. i hope to see all of you guys at the emerson the 27th and yeah.. Jessica i miss you and i will call you as soon as i can i promise..
yeah but ok i have to go so my sister can get on ... love you all bye...
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May-Hem [26 May 2002|09:56pm]
[ mood | loved ]

wooo may-hem was great... i love steeltrap.. they were great.. i miised them being on stage... i got to meet some more people and see people that i missed ...i really hope Andy's mom is doing ok...i got to see steeltrap.. that was real the only reason i went because i haven't seen them in awhile and another reason is because i wanted to see into the silence.. they where great too... whoooo i can not say how much they rock ... i am kind of upset that jessica didnt show up because she is another person i miss... i dunno the next show i will be going to so yeah.. ..wel i am out .. i am really tierd and stuff .. so i am going to go lay in bed and listen to SteelTrap.. woohooo .. good night Lj land...

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[05 May 2002|10:37am]

You Are Edward From "Edward Scissorhands."

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i love johnny depp .. i love him in blow and edward scissorhands.. and sleepy hallow...
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Test Test Test Test Test [18 Feb 2002|11:31am]
[ mood | amused ]

My love is Freddie Prinze Jr.!

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Computers, Comics, and occasional bouts of total misanthropy. What's not to love?
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I'm crazy!

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why is life so boring..??? [17 Feb 2002|04:08pm]
[ mood | Lazy, sick,Blah,bored,sore ]

I'm Jareth!

I'm Jareth! I'm calculating and determined, and I may well burst into song for no reason. I want to get the girl, rule the kingdom, and wear tight pants. Ahhh, who doesn't?

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[17 Feb 2002|04:02pm]

I'm Jareth!

I'm Jareth! I'm calculating and determined, and I may well burst into song for no reason. I want to get the girl, rule the kingdom, and wear tight pants. Ahhh, who doesn't?

Take the "Which Labyrinth character are you most like?" quiz by smarmy


You are very perceptive and smart. You are clear and to the point and have a great sense of humor. You are always learning and searching for understanding.

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Whoa !!! [17 Feb 2002|08:51am]
my style is...gothic
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[09 Feb 2002|10:45am]

Standing Still
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Murdoc!!!!! [20 Jan 2002|09:13am]
I'm Murdoc
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wooo hooo...Go me !!! [20 Jan 2002|09:04am]
Of Katie's favorite bands:

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[02 Jan 2002|01:45pm]
oh yeah that was yesterdays (january 1st) horoscope.. that is wicked...
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look at this ... this is weird..... [02 Jan 2002|01:42pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Get ready to feel the rhythm, because the Bull is in for quite a musical day. The old song and dance never sounded or felt better than it does right now. People from different backgrounds play nicely together, as if they've been friends forever. It's easy to put your heart into this, especially when the outcome looks as if it's going to be a complete success. You deserve a standing ovation for what you've managed to accomplish.

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your so far along ,don't stop now .... [21 Dec 2001|06:01am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

ok i haven't updated in forever i mean that too.. so i am going to the kittie and fallout show... I go my ticket oh yes i am one happy mofo.. lol i a also going to the all day show th 29th ..*yay* hope to see some of you there ... it is going to ROCK some sock off.. hehe i haven't been myself lately.. i didn't go to school wednesday or thursday.. i was sick and i still am but it is going away... *ugh* i hate being sick :( bleh anyways everything is going great ... i need to straighten some things out but yeah ok.. well time to go t the bus stp .. love ya all bye..

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me being pooh ...??? please [21 Dec 2001|05:57am]

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" I can't seem to find myself again, my walls are closing in.."Linkin Park [20 Nov 2001|08:43pm]
Yeah it has been long time since i have updauted this and so here i am all stressed out and stuff so i have been trying to catch up in school and my social life .. grrrrrr I HATE SCHOOL!!!! Life just really sucks. blah blah .. i wish tht i could see some people like jessica, Iva, David ,ect. i don't feel like going on.. everyone around me is just irritating me ..music is the only thing that is keeping me sane :)... ok anyways i can't wait till i get a job because it sucks being here all the time my sister complains all the time about how she is tierd and exhausted and stuff and how she wishes she didn't have to work and all and i think she is lucky because of the fact that she has a job and she has gotten everything she has ever wanted like: dvd player, tv, boots, cellphone,scanner,webcam, and other stuff and she complains about how much she works..it just gets annoying.. oh my guinea pig is sooooo cute .. his name is piglett.. he is a brat though , because if you rattle any bag he squeels soo loud .. he is a brat .. ok well idont have anything else to talk about ... so i am going to say good night lj land .. bye
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???am i dork ??? [20 Nov 2001|08:26pm]
[ mood | geeky ]


I am amazed that I even found this test. This is my first time online, isn't it great, I figured out this AOL-thing! But I don't quite know how to turn the computer off.

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why is the world turnign and me stoping ? [18 Oct 2001|06:54pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

yeah i have been really bored for the past week and me and a couple of my guy friends have been hanging out and stuff last weekend me and rayna went to target and rainbow and we got the same things and i got a pretty belt .. ummm i am going to see if i can go to the show tmorrow ad stuff because it has been awhile since seen a couple of people.. gosh... it has been so long .. i hope Iva & david are there. I am goign to try and make it to dentaween.hmmmm i am lost .. doing to uch stuff at once...i dunno what else to talk about.. oh jessica i am soooooooo happy that you and corey are back together .. *OOOOO* i am sooo happy.. ****YAY****

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ummmmmmmmmm yeah !!!!!!! [29 Sep 2001|08:52pm]
[ mood | hper and tierd.. ]

yeah, my sister got her boots today nd they are really ugly .. she said they would have buckels every where but tey don't oh well she is such a freakin poser... she also got this TOOL hoody and she said that i she sees me touch it that she is going to hurt me .. and if she touches me i swear i will knock her out .. and i don't care if get in trouble she shouldn't touch me .... anyways on a lighter note my friend alex is here and we have alot of candy for hallowen.. hehehe it is almost gone .. but oh well..we have a varity of candy... but um yeah i ight be getting a albino guieni pig and stff cage and al and my sister i like how come i can't have a cat ? and i was like i dunno ... i am not the adult in the family ... I don' make the decisions. but oh well i am going to gee if i can get me ad him a spiked collar .... he is going to listen to perfectnothing non-stop.. lol... there cd s soo col tha pretty much all i ahave been listenign to latly.. ok well this lj is boring and stuff so i am going to go ... oh yeah a kyrsten yor stupid ... your goingto lose your lj soon because you kepo on puttting everything on private and so if you don't stop putting it on private for awhile ten you will lose it .. ad i dunno why you would have smehting to hide .. you just a little kid i mean nothign important.. anyways ...umm i foregot what i ways going to put .. so ummmm yeah so bye ........LOVE YA !!!!! night night ...:)

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[26 Sep 2001|08:48pm]
[ mood | cold ]

ok i didthis human price thing.. and i am worth 1,521,124.00.. lol that is alot of money.. heheh oh well ok i am going to go ...

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WHY must yo go first .. i don' want to wiat ... i am going to go first because i am special... [17 Sep 2001|08:09pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

heheh....ok thee really isn't anything going on except i got bad and good news ...which do you want to hear firt ... No really choose ... ok fine i will just start with the good news, just in case you have had a bad day... ok well i just got word that my friends uncle is ok ... they were thinking something happened to him tuesday.. ok now on BAD NOTE ... my other friends uncle was in the World Trade Centers tower 2... when they colapsed ... well yeah i am comforting her ... she is crying ... yeah she lives in new york and she live by the beach.. soo thank goodness she is ok .. but i feel bad about her uncle ... ok on a very HOT note , today in science they gave u HOt glue guns and we had to decorate some .. (stupid) and i put a black ribbon in the hot glue and it is clear and i put my finger it the glue ... and i tried to get it off bu i had my ICP t- shirt ona dn i was going to hurry up and wipe it on it but i love this shirt... so instead i just kept it on there. and let it burn me.. it hurt at first but it is fine now.. it still hurts when i type.... grrrrrrrrrrrr crap it hurts like HELL... lol.. i am retarded... (not really) .. OH yeah Tony looks good jessica.. ali where to you work?? ... OMG i want some cheese sticks.... *yummy* ok well i am going to go no because i am not in the moo to type.. IT HURTS!!!!

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